Indefinite Films was set up by multi-award winning film maker Bruce Goodison and producer Kate Cook to make an original feature film Leave to Remain and is one of the first independent drama production companies in Bristol, recently selected as one of Channel 4's Emerging Indies.


BAFTA - Best Male Lead Murdered by my Father

“I worked with Bruce on Murdered by my Father. I find that he is a director with incredibly good instincts and an astute understanding of what actors need. The subject matter of the drama could have been dealt with in a heavy-handed manner but with Bruce’s guidance through the project, I was able to approach it with confidence. I am keen to work with Bruce again. We’ve both gained more experience since 2017. It would be exciting to develop this tried and tested relationship further on a scaled up level. “

Our ambition is to make a range of original film and TV dramas that are both rooted in fact and genre bending.



“As an actor you hopefully get the opportunity to work with the most creative, hard working and ingenious talents this industry has to offer. I can safely say in Kate and Bruce the work we’ve embarked upon together was some of the most artistically fulfilling, rich, fun and challenging experiences I’ve had to date. The ethos of their work is to always take risks in the choices they make. They never shy away from asking the difficult questions society and history has to offer. Whether it be compelling drama or fascinating documentaries, they never fail to seek out the truth, keep us wildly entertained and always totally gripped to our seats.”


“Bruce and his producer Kate are inspirational film makers. The urgent and immediate relevance of their subjects is matched by the dynamic, compelling narratives they have dramatised. The work I’ve done with them has been full of warmth, generosity, fun and determination: no matter what the circumstances"


MY MURDER Starring John Boyega, directed by Bruce Goodison for BBC Productions


MURDERED BY MY FATHER starring Adeel Akhtar who was the first non white man to win the best male lead BAFTA. Directed by Bruce Goodison for BBC Productions


“Bruce has great vision. Thorough and insightful. Fabulous to work with...”



“As an actor, it is always exciting to aim to meet Bruce’s high expectations of honesty, bravery, vulnerability and playfulness in the work.  He creates an atmosphere where one feels absolutely safe to do so“


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We want to build on our vast experience in the ‘fact-based’ world and make films that are distinct and tonally exciting with a range of writers, screen talent, directors and producers.

We are committed to supporting local talent and nurturing original voices from under represented sectors of society. 

GLASGOW GIRLS Musical drama based on a real story Produced by Kate Cook for Minnow Films

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THE CURE Directed by Bruce Goodison, Produced by Kate Cook for Story Films

THE WATCHMAN starring Stephen Graham. Produced by Kate Cook for Minnow Films


DOCTOR FOSTER Directed by Bruce Goodison

courtesy of Drama Republic


A 3 part series for Channel 4 that examines why Daniel Morgan’s brutal killing has become the most investigated unsolved murder in the history of the Metropolitan Police.

The story is fiendishly complex, but this slick production did a
great job of bringing it to life.


A truly seedy tale of informants, police corruption, robbery and a goodold-fashioned axe to the head in the car park of a south London pub.


But director Bruce Goodison keeps the pace up, navigating the dizzying claims and counterclaims with an adept combination of reconstruction and interviews both current and archive.




Written by Bruce Goodison and Vinay Patel, created by Bruce Goodison. Building on the BAFTA success of Murdered by my Father Vinay and Bruce join forces once more to write an edgy and thrilling imagined biopic of Samantha Lewthwaite aka The White Widow. Currently at script stage with the BFI



is a feature adaptation of the book Blood Ties by Ben Crane. It’s a lyrical true story of Ben’s conflicted experience of becoming a father, heightened by his undiagnosed Asperger’s. Written by Amanda Duke.

10 DAYS WAR.jpg

10 DAYS TO WAR for BBC Productions


Writer and actor Chris Coghill (Spike Island), creator Bruce Goodison



Series in development with Paramount Pictures based on Indefinite Films partner Jim Nally book series.


(wt) An original series with BBC1, Sugar and EntertainmentOne written by John Donelly created by Bruce Goodison.



An original comedy series about millennial female friendship written by our executive development partner Jenny Evans. 




written by the brilliant Amanda Duke who Kate and Bruce worked with on The Cure for C4. This thriller imagines if London has a black mayor with a shady past.


a series in development about the untold history of how Adolf Eichman was found in Argentina by a blind man and his daughter written by emerging talent Jeremiah Quinn. 

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Bruce is one of the countries leading drama directors with BAFTA and TV awards attached to most of the films he makes. He tends to tackle subject matter where the characters at the centre of the story are not bad people but tend to do bad things. Morally ambiguous and challenging.

His first movie Leave to Remain was about a boy lieing to get his British status in the topical Leave to Remain that won awards globally and premiered at the London Film Festival.

Murdered by my Father won Adeel Akhtar his BAFTA for leading male – the first time a non-white actor had won in this category. Bruce cast a young John Boyega in My Murder which won best single film and soundtrack.

Recently Bruce directed Maxine Peake as a campaigner to get justice for the 96 killed at Hillsborough. His outstanding but unsettling Born to Kill series about a teenage psychopath saw his lead Jack Rowan voted in the Best Male lead at the BAFTA’s – the youngest ever. He also directed one of the most talked about series BBC1’s Doctor Foster season 1 for which Suranne Jones won best female lead. In 2012 he was Voted Broadcast magazine’s top 10 Mover and Shaker as one of the United Kingdom’s most exciting and successful documentary and drama Directors. 

His 9/11 film Flight 93 was Emmy nominated and his documentary series about the Afgham conflict won a BAFTA.

OUR WORLD WAR written by a young Joe Barton also received a BAFTA nom and won a Grierson award for best series.

In 2008 Bruce directed Kenneth Branagh and Juliet Stevenson in the acclaimed series TEN DAYS TO WAR about the invasion of Iraq. BRINKS MAT: THE GREATEST HEIST was nominated for a BAFTA and SAS: IRANIAN EMBASSY SEIGE won the Grierson Award for the Best Historical Documentary in 2003.

No stranger to strong female led prodcutions Bruce is currently directing a mini serial starring Emily Watson entitled Too Close with JK Rowlings company for ITV.




Based in Bristol, she is a founding partner of the Bristol Screen Producers. She has produced cutting edge stories from the multi-award winning BBC musical drama “GLASGOW GIRLS” (Scottish BAFTA / RTS / Broadcast / CIVIS Media Prize) featuring Gary Lewis and an ensemble cast of young actors, to the political thriller “Julius Caesar” directed by Gregory Doran of the RSC.

In 2014 she saw the theatrical release of her first feature “Leave to Remain” – a coming of age drama about the lives of teenagers seeking asylum in the UK, featuring Toby Jones and a soundtrack by the multi-award winning band Alt-J.

Her most recent work includes Broadcast and RTS West winning The Interrogation of Tony Martin, played by Steve Pemberton, Unspeakable – starring Indira Varma and Luke Treadaway and Broadcast nominated THE WATCHMAN a Channel 4 thriller starring Stephen Graham. In Dec 2019 her critically acclaimed feature length drama, The Cure was broadcast on Channel 4 – the inspirational true story of Julie Bailey, an ordinary mother who exposed one of the worst scandals in the history of the NHS, only to become a pariah in her own town.

She is currently developing a select slate of feature films and TV drama.




Adam Wishart has made documentaries for twenties years. He’s won the Royal Television Society Award, The Grierson Prize, and been nominated for others. He was the CREATOR and Series Producer of Murder in the Carpark.







Jenny Evans is a journalist and filmmaker. Specialising in investigative work, she has produced and directed for all major documentary and current affairs strands in the UK, including Channel 4’s Unreported World, Dispatches and Cutting Edge, ITV’s Exposure and Panorama at the BBC.


Jenny has also produced multiple docu-dramas, in the US and UK, and has worked in many locations across the world, often securing contact with people considered difficult to access, such as to bereaved families, prisoners in Super-max prisons and to criminal gangs.


Outside of television, Jenny was for many years a researcher for The Guardian's Nick Davies. As such she was one of the team of people who helped expose the "phone hacking scandal” (as much a police corruption story as a press abuse one). She then produced both Dispatches documentaries on the subject, each time finding sources who had never spoken out before.


Jenny has a strong track record in developing compelling programme ideas that make it to television, the most recent being an undercover investigation in to The Priory hospital group for Channel 4. Prior to training as a journalist, her focus was drama and she has enjoyed moving back in to this area as a Development Executive.


Jenny also likes to write and has a comedy script in development about being a producer in current affairs TV. If it is commissioned she may never work again.




Jim is an award-winning documentary maker, best-selling author and, currently, Development Producer with Indefinite Films.


Recently, he co-produced Indefinite Film’s drama documentary ‘Murder in the Car Park’ for Channel 4 and has written the three best-selling crime fiction novels that have been optioned for a TV series with Paramount through Indefinite Films. 


Previous credits include directing drama documentaries ‘Madness in the Fast Lane’ for BBC One (included in Louis Theroux’s all-time top ten docs); ‘Breakout’ for National Geographic (CSC Award winner) and ‘Taking Fire’ for Discovery, (Real Screen Award nominee).

His passion is unearthing real stories that are stranger than fiction and turning them into drama or documentary drama. He is always searching for those subjects with powerful social, psychological and human elements, unforgettable characters and – where possible – unique User Generated Content. 


Jim's strengths lie in writing, shaping narrative and identifying those stories, characters and events that tell us something new about the human condition and our world today.



MURDERED BY MY FATHER - courtesy of BBC Productions

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